Trending in 2021

Trending in 2021 is about incorporating the old and the new. Mismatched furniture is in and lots of blues (so I have been trending all my life!)
We've lived in our new (new to us) home for almost 2 years now. We've made minor changes, but I didn't really decorate. I just didn't care. Something changed in me this year. I've been buying repurposed furniture from a neighbor and pulling out the things that make me happy. Sea glass has always made me happy. I have this tote that is filled with Sea Glass that I have found over the years. Bags and bags of just brown and bags of clear and teal and then the ones that are: you touch! You Die! Got it! (Come you know all of us true Sea Glass Collectors are like that!) I would use some from my business and some just to collect. Lately, I haven't been working with Sea glass as much, but that's about to change.
So, now on my dining Room table sits about 50 lbs. of Sea glass in a frame my hubby made for my business. On the new buffet, sits my MILs treasured Lenox and other goodies with a Jar of Sea glass and a scallop shell of more sea glass. Inside my great grandmother's hutch are my treasured favorites, mixed with treasures from my family. I can still smell the cigarettes and the farm in my grandmother's hutch. So much so, I refuse to paint it, so I can smell my Nana and Poppop any time I want.
I like this approach to decorating. Go room to room and put together the things that bring us all joy! What are details in your home that bring you joy? I can look at my sea glass collection and some of the pieces take me right back to a moment with Squishy or my kids screaming "Mommy! Look!" Or my husband gloating when he found that teal perfume topper.


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